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If you have trouble reading or viewing any of our site pages, please be sure you are running the latest update for versions 7 through 9 of Internet Explorer (whatever is the latest version that your particular version of Windows supports), Edge (Windows 10), or the latest version of Mozilla/Firefox. Actually, we recommend you install Mozilla/Firefox browser, which you can obtain for free from this site. Opera and Google Chrome are also good alternatives. Google Chrome is a very fast browser.

Font Character Size

If you find the size of the print on this site too small to comfortably read, almost all browsers support ways to increase (or decrease) the size of the print. Probably the easiest way to increase the print size is to press both the "control" key and the "+" (plus sign) key at the same time. Doing this again and again will continue to make the print larger. Likewise, pressing the "control" key and the "-" (minus sign) key at the same time will decrease the size of the print.

Likewise, you can use your browser's menus. Depending on the exact browser you use, you can often find a menu item under "Tools", or "View" that says something like "zoom in" or "zoom out".

Viewing PDF Files

Some links on this web site are to PDF (Portable Document Format) files. One example is our newsletter. To properly view PDF files, you computer must have a program installed that can display these files. One such viewer, which is free, is Adobe (PDF) Reader. You can download it for free from this link for installation on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. Other versions, also free, can be selected from here for other platforms. There are also other free and non-free PDF viewers you can choose from.

Other Questions, Suggestions and Comments

Please email the web coordinator if you have questions, suggestions or comments.






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